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In his book Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work, Eugene
Peterson says, “A sense of hurry in pastoral work disqualifies
one for the work of conversation and prayer that envelops
relationships that meet personal needs. There are heavy demands
put upon pastoral work, true; there is difficult work to be engaged
in, yes. But the pastor must not be “busy.” Busyness is an illness
of spirit, a rush from one thing to another because there is no
ballast of vocational integrity and no confidence in the primacy of
grace. In order for there to be conversation and prayer that do the
pastoral work of meeting the intimacy needs among people, there
must be
a wide margin of quiet leisure that defies the functional,
technological, dehumanizing definitions that are imposed upon
people by others in the community…” (pg. 61) (emphasis mine)

Having interacted with hundreds of pastors in North America and
around the world I have observed that most of those in the ministry
are too busy. There is simply no time for the “wide margin of quiet
leisure” that Peterson speaks of. Because of this many pastors feel
tired, stressed, and spiritually dry.

Better Pastoring in Less Time  Workbook is a program designed to help you identify what you
should be giving your time to versus what you are giving your time to. This simple five step process
will help you reduce your commitments and increase your effectiveness. It’s actually possible to be a
better pastor in less time. Cutting the fat from your work week will free up your time and create a wide
margin of quiet leisure for you to invest in the care of your soul and the care of your family.

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing what you should be doing with your time? Do you feel like you
work too much and accomplish so little? Do you wish you had more time for family, leisure, and soul-
care? Do you struggle with prioritizing, procrastination, organization, follow up, and keeping on top of
your commitments? If so, then my  
Better Pastoring in Less Time  Workbook could possibly change
your life, and your church.  

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