Small Church Pastor
Coaching, Consulting, and Resources for Pastors of Smaller Churches.
I've spoken to hundreds of pastors since Small Church
Pastor began at the end of 2006. Recently more and more
have expressed an interest in developing their own skills
in coaching. Because of this I've narrowed all of the
essentials of coaching down to four one hour phone

Whether you're interested in coaching as a pastoral skill
or a possible vocation, this four hour course will give you
all you need to get started.

With COACH! you will learn:

  • How coaching is different from discipleship, pastoring, therapy,
    mentoring, consulting, pastoral counseling, teaching, and spiritual
  • Why coaching is so powerful in bringing about change in others.
  • How to listen effectively.
  • How to ask great questions.
  • A systematic method of taking people from where they are to where they
    want to be.
  • How to get started in a coaching ministry or vocation.

Cost: $240.00

After making your purchase I will contact you at the email you provided when
ordering and we'll arrange our first call.

If you have any questions simply email me at:
Copyright, Dave Jacobs 2012
An affordable, practical, concise training
in the art of coaching.
"I'm not about growing your
church, I'm about growing
you!"      - Dave Jacobs