Small Church Pastor
Coaching, Consulting, and Resources for Pastors of Smaller Churches.
Copyright, Dave Jacobs 2012
“I have known Dave Jacobs since his high school days at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose.  
Dave is especially compassionate and burdened for the Pastors of smaller churches.  He has
proven leadership skills, a loving and gentile spirit, and a genuine desire to help other Pastors.  
You will find him dedicated, a man of integrity, and a treasured mentor in ministry.  He is not out to
get rich or build a name for himself, he just loves the Lord and wants to help others with a kindred
spirit.  I can recommend him without reservation!”

  • Bryce Jessup, President, William Jessup University, retired.

"Dave is one of the most resourceful team leaders we have on the regional team for church
planting in the Vineyard.  He produces workshops, seminars, and personal coaching in spiritual
formation, marriage enrichment, and specific church growth issues.  If you work with Dave, you get
a holistic coach with detailed experience."

  • Randy Knutson, Western Regional Director of Church Planting, The Vineyard.

"I first met Dave Jacobs in 1995.  I was a college transfer student studying for the pastoral ministry
at San Jose Christian College.  He was a pastor at a local church I attended.  Dave reached out to
me, listened to my heart's desire and calling to serve the Lord, and invested himself in me.  Over
the years, Dave has been my pastor, my mentor, my church planting coach, and most importantly,
my very close friend.  I consider Dave's wisdom, training, insight, and encouragement, to be some
of the greatest gifts God has given to me throughout my years of pastoral ministry.  Dave has made
an impact on my life that will last for eternity.  I can't speak highly enough of his character and I can't
think of anyone I would more proudly recommend for coaching and consulting."

  • Matt Sampson, Southern Oregon Regional Director Sparrow Clubs USA

"As some surveys reveal, the average church in America is comprise of about 125-150 people.
Dave Jacobs for the past 30 years has served as a pastor in a few of those typical congregations
that fill many cities across the US. From his rich experience, he brings a seasoned and sober
understanding of what life is like for the small church pastor. As a result he offers a healthy and
hopeful perspective on how to fulfill God's call in this unique pastoral setting. Dave's coaching and
consulting will make a difference for any pastor of an average American Church."

  • Russ Ikeda, Emmaus of Silicon Valley

"Approximately 85% of our churches in North America have congregations of 200 attenders or less
and probably 80% of those have stopped growing or are in decline. Pastors of small churches
across the country face very difficult and complex issues in the face of an ever changing culture.
Dave Jacobs' commitment to coaching, mentoring and assisting those who lead churches of this
size come from his personal experience of thirty years in pastoral ministry. Dave's pastoral
experience is rooted in leading "small churches." The engine that drives him is an ever deepening
intimacy in Jesus Christ and partnering with other leaders who live and lead toward that same end
and the fruit that comes from abiding in Him. Dave has the experience, expertise, character and
calling to partner with pastors of small churches."

  • Garris Elkins, Divisional Superintendent, Foursquare

"For several years now I have had the privilege of knowing Dave  Jacobs.  Not only does Dave
coach my personal calling on a monthly  basis, but I have had the joy of introducing Dave to other
pastors in  my region and with each contact the results have brought a new sense  of hope and
direction.  What I love about Dave is that his ministry is  gimmick free.  Dave is real and his ministry
is real. Dave helps  leaders plan to finish well and he also helps a them leave behind that  unique
contribution into God's Kingdom they were destined to deposit."

  • Steve Mason Sr. Pastor, Oasis Church of Redlands

"You would be hard pressed to find someone with more experience or insight into the life of the
local church than Dave Jacobs.  Any pastor would benefit greatly by having Dave as a resource for
advice and encouragement.  He is loved and respected by all who know him.  I could not
recommend anyone more highly."