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Men's Discipleship: a Curriculum for Busy Pastors

The purpose of this curriculum is to instill in men the attitudes, practices, disciplines and habits that help one become a
spiritually mature and growing man of God. This is a discipleship course with the sole intent of making disciples, i.e.
followers of Christ from a male perspective.

Five topics will be covered:

1. Becoming a man of prayer

Here we will learn the nuts-and-bolts of developing a consistent and enjoyable personal prayer life.

2. Becoming a man of the word

The purpose of this section is to learn how to feed yourself from the word of God. We will explore specific, practical ways to
understand and apply the scriptures to your life.

3. Becoming a man of humility

Most men struggle with pride. We will attempt to identify signs of pride in our lives and explore ways to cultivate humility in
our hearts.

4. Becoming a man of ministry

Every man was created to be a minister…not a minister in the sense of a professional clergyman, but a minister, i.e. one
who ministers, serves. You’ve been specifically gifted by God to do something special for His kingdom. In this class we will
learn how to discover what your spiritual gift is (or are) and how you should use it/them.  

5. Becoming a man who honors women

Although this topic will focus mostly on the husbands need to honor his wife we will also deal with honoring women in
general, whether we are married to them or not. Questions like, how do men dishonor woman and how can men show
honor to women will be discussed. Both married and single men need to learn the importance of honoring women.

Each lesson includes ice-breakers and group discussion questions. Also, my Men's Discipleship: a Curriculum for Busy
Pastors comes to you as a Word document so it's easy for you to modify it for your unique situation.

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Cost: $15.00
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