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Sermon outline
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"The hardest part about sermon preparation is coming up
with your outline. An outline is like the bones of a body. Once
you have the bones, all you need do is hang the meat on it."
                 - Dave Jacobs
Each week I'll post a different sermon outline. This is an outline, not a full sermon. I
wanted to save you some time but not take away the responsibility of developing your
own message. The outline is like the bones of a body. Once you have the bones all you
need do is hang the meat on it. You can cut and paste the outline off of this page or
download a Word document. For a Word document of this outline
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Our Great High Priest
Heb. 4:14-16

The book of Hebrews is probably the most neglected book in
the NT. Why?

•        Sometimes difficult to understand if you don’t have some
familiarity with Judaism as practiced in OT & NT times.
•        It’s in competition with other easier to understand and
more popular NT books.

Purpose of Hebrews: To convince Jews who had converted to
Christianity not to revert back to Judiasm. Jewish Christians
were under a lot of pressure to leave Christianity.

The writer of Hebrews tries to show how Christianity is superior
to Judaism in a number of ways:

•        Christ is superior to angels
•        Christ is superior to Moses
•        Christ is superior to the Levitical priesthood
•        Christ is superior to the High Priest

So, with that in mind, lets read the whole passage:  

Heb. 4:14-16

1) The High Priest was the supreme religious ruler in Judaism.

Much like the Pope is in Roman Catholicism.

As a Jewish Christian you were very familiar with the office of
High Priest.  Now that you had embraced Christianity you did not
have a High Priest. But the writer says, “Oh yes you do, it’s Jesus
He is your great High Priest. In fact, he is a better high priest
because he passed through the heavens.”

When the High Priest showed up for work at the temple, especially
on the Day of Atonement he would pass through…the court of Gentiles, Women, Men, Priests, into
the sanctuary, and into the Holy of Holies where the very presence of God dwelled.
Jesus passed through the heavens!

2) Jesus is a sympathetic High Priest.

God being sympathetic towards mans was a new concept to both Jew and Greek.

Jesus is a great high priest who can relate or identify with our weaknesses.

He knows how hard is to say yes to God and no to sin, or no to our selfish ways. Jesus was
tempted in all ways as we and in ways we will never be tempted. Because of this…
He is sympathetic and he can relate. In addition to this we learn that…

Jesus is a sinless high priest. No other high priest could make that claim. In chapter five we’re told
how the high priest had to bring sacrifices for the sins of the people and his own sins.
Not so with our great high priest, Jesus.

And all that the author has been saying up until now is leading to this…the practical application:

3) I don’t have to stay away from God when I’ve sinned.

I don’t have to beat myself up with self inflicted guilt. I don’t have to try to atone for my own sins. I
can come confidently.

Not cocky…but confidently. He will receive me. He is sympathetic and can relate. He will forgive
and restore. At his throne I do not find condemnation but mercy and grace.

Conclusion: 1 Peter 2:9

Peter says I am a priest. How does my priesthood compare with the priesthood of my Jesus?
Am I sympathetic? Do I have sympathy or contempt?

Do I try to relate or separate?

When people approach my throne do they find mercy and grace to help? Or do they find judgment,
condemnation, a criticalness.

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